Friday, 14 March 2014


TORRIDGE - Bideford East (Independent died)

2011 - Con 609/553, Ind 445/288/184, LD 379, UKIP 365, Lab 289
2007 - Ind 678/512/225, LD 613/245/244, UKIP 173/171/115, Lab 152/86
2003 - CA 653/516/461, Ind 482, LD 293/284/161, Lab 158/144/87

James CRAIGIE (Labour Party Candidate)
Dermot MCGEOUGH (Conservative Party Candidate)
David RATCLIFF (Independent)
Sam ROBINSON (Independent)
Alan SMITH (Independent)
Bob WOOTTON (Liberal Democrats)

Surprised to see no UKIP candidate here as they won the county seat last year.

EDIT - Sam Robinson appears to have been nominated by the incumbent UKIP county councillor Gaston Dezart. He is also the former Conservative county councillor who was defeated by Dezart last year.

20th March 2014

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