Tuesday, 12 November 2013


There are 15 by-elections identified for the remainder of November along with 13 already in December. There are a further 16 known vacancies where there is no date as yet for the by-election.

14th November - 4
Allerdale DC, Seaton - Independent died
Bournemouth UA, Winton East - Conservative resigned
Cumbria CC, Seaton - Independent died
Stoke-on-Trent UA, Baddeley, Milton & Norton - Labour sitting as unaligned resigned

21st November - 5
Herefordshire UA, Pontrilas - Conservative resigned
Kirklees MB, Golcar - Labour resigned
Rugby BC, Hillmorton - Conservative resigned
Scarborough BC, Eastfield - Lib Dem resigned
South Cambridgeshire DC, Comberton - Lib Dem resigned

28th November - 6
Bracknell Forest UA, Winkfield & Cranbourne - Conservative died
Central Bedfordshire UA, Caddington - Conservative resigned
Highland UA, Landward Caithness - SNP resigned
Lambeth LB, Vassal - Labour resigned
St Helens MB, Billenge & Seneley Green - Labour resigned
Wakefield MB, Horbury & South Ossett - Labour died

5th December - 8
Cardiff UA, Riverside - Labour resigned
Cardiff UA, Splott & Tremorfa - Labour resigned
Chelmsford BC, South Woodham Elmwood & Woodville - Conservative disqualified following illness
Dartford BC, Swanscombe - Resident Association died
Glasgow UA, Shettleston - Labour died
Liverpool MB, Riverside - Labour resigned
Manchester MB, Ancoats & Clayton - Labour died
Nuneaton & Bedworth BC, Arbury - Labour disqualified for non-attendance

12th December - 3
Hambleton DC, Topcliffe - Conservative resigned
South Bucks DC, Iver Village & Richings Park - Lib Dem resigned
Warwickshire CC, Bedworth West - Labour died

19th December - 2
Lincolnshire CC, Scotter Rural - Conservative died
West Lindsey DC, Scotter - Conservative died

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 16
Bolton MB, Harper Green - Labour died 24th October
Epping Forest DC, Loughton Forest - Resident Association died 7th September
Fenland DC, Elm & Christchurch - Conservative died 23rd October
Flintshire UA, Mostyn - Independent disqualification confirmed on 5th September
Forest Heath DC, Market - Conservative died 25th October
Highland UA, Black Isle - Independent died 23rd October
Mid Sussex DC, Hasywards Heath Franklands - Conservative died 1st November
North Lanarkshire UA, Motherwell North - Labour died around 24th October
St Edmunsbury BC, Haverhill East - Conservative died 23rd October
Salford MB, Swinton South - Labour died 10th October
Sheffield MB, Arbourthorne - Labour died 23rd October
Torfaen BC, Croesyceiliog North - Labour died around 27th September
Trafford MB, Broadheath - Conservative died around 5th May
West Sussex CC, Haywards Heath East - Conservative died 1st November
Wiltshire UA, Ethandune - Conservative died 14th October
Woverhampton MB, Wednesfield North - Conservative died 19th October

Possible vacancy - 1
Brent LB, Dudden Hill - Lib Dem councillor but may be subject to "6 month" rule if resigns as indicated during November

Great work by MiddleEnglander for the collation

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