Monday, 4 November 2013

Review of Novembers council by elections.

Looks like 25 by-elections during November 2013:
- 10 on 7th November
- 4 on 14th November
- 5 on 21st November
- 6 on 28th November

* 3 of the contests are in seats last contested earlier this year
- one county council, one unitary authority and one Scottish Council where there was a first by-election in a seat elected in 2012
* 6 are in seats last contested in 2012
- four in metropolitan boroughs and two in district councils
* 14 are for seats elected in 2011
- eight in unitary authorities and six in district councils
* 2 are in London boroughs where the last elections were in 2010

Conservatives are defending 7 seats, 2 arising from the death of the former councillor and 5 following resignations
Labour are defending 12 seats, 4 following a death and 8 o resignation
Lib Dems are defending 2 seats, both following a resignation although their candidate in one has subsequently withdrawn
Independents are defending 2 seats, both following the death of the same councillor
Its Our County (Herefordshire) and SNP are each defending one seat following resignations

With nominations for Lambeth and St Helens awaited:
Conservatives are contesting 22 of the 23 seats where nominations are known, Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP each 19 seats and Greens 10
Independents have 15 candidates contesting 10 seats, Resident Groups 4 (2 for Its Our County, 1 each for Harrow First and Wear Valley Independent) along with TUSAC 4 whilst SNP, BNP and Elvis each have 1 - a total of 115 candidates so far.

Thanks to MiddleEnglander for this round up.

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