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Thanks to MiddlleEnglander for his compilation of the upcoming council by elections.

There is one more by-election during February, 25 so far identified to be held in March, 2 already in April and an additional 14 vacancies where there is no date as yet for the by-election.

There are two by-elections towards the end of March for the Common Council of the Corporation of London. As the Council is non-partisan I do not include it in my list of elections and vacancies.

27th February - 1
West Lindsey DC, Scotter - Conservative died

6th March - 5
Ashford BC, Wye - Conservative resigned
Bury MB, Ramsbottom - Labour resigned
Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC, Burnham - Conservative died
Nottingham UA, Clifton North - Labour disqualified for non-attendance
Wiltshire UA, Ethandune - Conservative died

12th March - 2
East Hants DC, Petersfield Bell Hill - Conservative died
Hampshire CC, Petersfield Butser - Conservative died

13th March - 8
Amber Valley BC, Heanor West - Labour died
Canterbury BC, Barham Downs - Conservative died
Cheshire East UA, Crewe West - Labour died
Knowsley MB, Longview - Labour resigned
Luton UA, Farley - Labour resigned
Runnymede, Chertsey Meads - Conservative died
Shropshire UA, Ludlow North - Conservative resigned
South Kesteven DC, Aveland - Conservative resigned

20th March - 4
Broadland DC, Wroxham - Lib Dem resigned
Rushcliffe BC, Gamston - Conservative died
Staffordshire Moorlands DC, Cellerhead - Staffordshire Independent died
Torridge DC, Bideford East - Independent died

27th March - 6
Dartford BC, Stone - Labour resigned
East Ayrshire UA, Kilmarnock North - SNP died
Fylde BC, St John's - Ratepayer's Association died
Gedling BC, Gedling - Lib Dem resigned
Oxfordshire CC, Chalgrove & Watlington - Conservative resigned
Sunderland MB, St Anne's - Labour resigned

3rd April - 1
Pendle BC, Blacko & Higherford - Conservative disqualified for non attendance

10th April - 1
Cumbria CC, Belle Vue - Labour died

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 14
* Blackburn with Darwen UA, Higher Croft - Labour died 13th February
Blackpool UA, Hawe Side - Labour died 26th November
Blackpool UA, Layton - Labour resigned around 14th January
* Bradford MB, Craven - Conservative died around 5th February
Darlington UA, Mowden - Conservative died 9th January
** Epping Forest DC, Loughton Forest - Resident Association died 7th September
Flintshire UA, Flint Trelawny - Labour died 14th January
Flintshire UA, Mostyn - Independent disqualification confirmed 5th September
Hartlepool UA, Seaton - Independent died 2nd February
Hull UA, Marfleet - Labour died 24th December
North East Derbyshire DC, Coal Aston - Conservative died around 6th January
North Kesteven DC, Osbournby - Independent died 3rd February
* Preston BC, Town Centre - said he was resigning 6th February
Vale of White Horse, Wantage Charlton - Conservative sitting as Independent disqualified following 5 year jail sentence for fraud on 10th January
** Wolverhampton MB, Wednesfield North - Conservative died 19th October

* There will be council elections in this ward in May 2014
** This seat will be up for election in May 2014

Vacancies subject to "6 month" rule - 9
Bexley LB, Sidcup - Conservative ill health resignation around 13th December
Brent LB, Dudden Hill - Lib Dem resigned 29th November
Ealing LB, Hobbayne - Labour resigned end of January / early February
Havering LB, Rainham & Wennington - Independent Resident disqualified for non-attendance on 28th December
Lambeth LB, Streatham South - Labour died 4th February
Lewisham LB, Evelyn - Labour died 3rd January
Preston BC, Fishwick - Labour died 8th January
South Tyneside MB, West Park - Labour died 15th January
Waltham Forest LB, Highham Hill - Labour resigned 27th November after being charged with fraud

Probable impending vacancies - 5
East Riding UA, Howdenshire - Conservative said he will resign
Fife UA, The Lochs - Labour to resign following election as MSP
Highland UA, Caol & Mallaig - Independent likely to resign towards end of February
Preston BC, Town Centre - Independent Socialist said he would resign on 6th February but has not yet done so
Southend UA, Westborough - mIndependent said he would resign to fight another ward in May

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