Monday, 10 February 2014

Birmingham - Kingstanding COUNCIL BY ELECTION

Labour resigned

Candidates (source)

Graham LIPPIATT (Liberal Democrats)
Lorraine OWEN (Labour Party Candidate)
Gary SAMBROOK (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Roger TEMPEST (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Terry WILLIAMS (no label)

[Note from Birmingham City Council - Please note Terry Williams did not fill in the description section of the nomination form, meaning his party affiliation is not listed. We can confirm that he is a registered candidate for the National Front party. The city’s elections office did contact Mr Williams and his election agent to raise this matter but his nomination form was not re-submitted by the deadline. The National Front logo will appear on election documentation and he will be referred to as a candidate for the National Front when results are declared etc.)

2008 - Lab 1,376, Con 1,296, BNP 648, LD 254, Green 105, NF 54
2010 - Lab 3,372, Con 2,792, BNP 891, LD 866, NF 160, Green 103
2011 - Lab 2,210, Con 2,035, BNP 344, LD 128, Green 121
2012 - Lab 2,014, Con 1,609, BNP 213, Green 106, LD 80, NF 34

13th FEB 2014

Ward mapCensus map
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