Friday, 20 December 2013


There are 9 known by-elections called so far in January 2014 together with a further 15 vacancies where there is no date as yet for the by-election.

7th January - 1
Salford MB, Swinton South - Labour died

9th January - 2
St Edmundsbury DC, Haverhill East - Conservative died
Tonbridge & Malling DC, Borough Green & Long Mill - Conservative resigned

16th January - 1
Trafford MB, Broadheath - Conservative died

23rd January - 2
North Lanarkshire UA, Motherwell North - Labour died
Southend-on-Sea UA, West Leigh - Conservative resigned

30th January -3
Amber Valley BC, Heanor East - Labour resigned
Lichfield DC, Chadsmead - Conservative disqualified for non-attendance
Moray UA, Buckie - Independent resigned

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 15
* Amber Valley BC, Heanor West - Labour died around 17th December
Blackpool UA, Hawes Side - Labour died 26th November
Charnwood BC, Birstall Wanlip - Conservative died 18th November
Cumbria CC, Belle Vue - Labour died 13th November
** Epping Forest DC, Loughton Forest - Resident Association died 7th September
Flintshire UA, Mostyn - Independent disqualification confirmed on 5th September
Fylde BC, St John's - Ratepayer's Association died 9th November
Richmondshire DC, Reeth & Arkengarthdale - Independent died 11th December
* Sheffield MB, Arbourthorne - Labour died 23rd October
Tendring DC, Peter Bruff - Conservative died 30th November
Tendring DC, St Johns - Conservative resigned 13th December
Torridge DC, Bideford Eat - Independent died 10th December
West Lindsey DC, Scotter - Conservative died 4th December
Wiltshire UA, Ethandune - Conservative died 14th October
** Wolverhampton MB, Wednesfield North - Conservative died 19th October

* There will be elections in this ward in May 2014
** This seat will be up for election in May 2014

Vacancies subject to "6 month" rule - 3
Bexley LB, Sidcup - Conservative ill health resignation around 13th December
Brent LB, Dudden Hill - Lib Dem resigned 29th November
Waltham Forest LB, Higham Hill - Labour resigned on 27th November after being charged with fraud.

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